Monday, January 25, 2010

the ark

Boyd Morrison (here>>) is not as yet a name known to many. But having self-published three novels in Kindle e-book format and woken the established publishing houses with their roaring success, he was picked up by Simon & Schuster, who are now putting out his first 'proper' novel in the spring and pushing him as a new Dan Brown. The Ark (or The Noah's Ark Quest as the Brits are calling it) is a swashbuckling, boys' own affair with a combat engineer in the starring role. Think Indiana Jones behind the wheel of the improbable vehicle pictured above (which, among a lot of other shiny hardware in the engineer's wet-dream category, has a prominent role in the proceedings). Don't look for The Ark in your Literary Studies curriculum. But then, who needs a fancy pen when you've got a Liebherr T282 mining truck to play with?

The Ark will be out in my Danish translation in the spring, published by Lindhardt & Ringhof. A likely Danish title: Jagten på Noas ark.


Boyd Morrison said...

Hi Martin,

Thanks for translating my book! I'm looking forward to seeing the Danish version, and I appreciate the comparison to Indiana Jones, which I consider high praise. Does the title translate to The Hunt for Noah's Ark?

martin aitken said...

Hi Boyd
Having a fine time with Tyler & Co. Almost done with the draft now. Your guess as to the title is spot on, though nothing's been decided yet.
Looking forward to seeing it all in the bookstores!
all the best, Martin