Thursday, September 3, 2009

i digress but slightly

Jørgen Leth asked me the other day if I would translate some liner notes he wrote for an upcoming CD-release. It was about jazz, he said. I said I didn't know anything about jazz. He said it didn't matter, it was a lyrical text. I read the text and said yes immediately. It is a lyrical text. An excursion into a recording session in New York in September 2008. An excursion back into Leth's one-time interest in jazz. The recording session at New York's Avatar Studio was to lay down tracks for a new album of compositions by the young Danish guitarist Jakob Bro (here>>). A session featuring a whole array of jazz luminaries, unknown to me, yet brought to life by Leth's liner notes. And suddenly I realised that Jakob Bro until recently also was a member of the Copenhagen indie combo I Got You On Tape, whose first record has been languishing on my computer here without ever really being heard. Now I've heard it, and bought the second, from which the above video is culled. Listen to Jakob Bro's tender guitar.

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